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Wait, what about the guys?!, Alex ere are no guys out there, the bar is completely empty, Kiara says. Alex snaps the pic. Wow, they look amazing!, she comments. Kiara is a little hesitant, but the girls convince her. We can send it to the guys and they'll like totally cream their jeans!' Alex says. They don't want to keep the guys waiting outside in the bar, Alex asks. Woah, that's really hot, Kali says as they look at the pic. That's true, let 'em wait, Alex ex pulls out her phone and snaps a selfie, saying 'You know what we should do, we should like totally take a topless photo together. Thank you for your support. But pretty soon, the phone is totally forgotten and all three are naked as Alex and Kali trace kisses down Kiara's stomach towards her ese bathroom brats are going to give Kiara a night that she'll never ory inspired by an original submission by Girlsway. Read the rest of this entry. Visit our adblocking instructions page. They left?, Kali and Alex whine in unison. Immediately, Alex directs Kiara to stand in the middle while the two topless girls each kiss her cheeks. Better watch out, or she'll totally take them both, Alex teases.

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